A deep interest in cultural encounters and language, as well as the inevitable effects of translation on communication, fuel a search for similar mutations in my visual work. The transformations from abstract thought to concrete words are reflected in the photographic explorations, where images are transformed into three-dimensional pieces that are presented with an air of 'objectness.' 
My work lies between the image and object concepts. Using identifying qualities from both the physical and virtual realms, I explore photographic ideas, like reproduction and objectification, through non-photographic means. With this trans-media body of work, I investigate the consumption of place-as-image and the resulting response. 
Through photo-sculptural translations, I study how relationships are currently amplified with and through images, and how, as predominantly visual beings, we rely on these foreseeable representations of people and places to identify ourselves within our context. This visual dissection aims to generate questions about how we see, capture, and understand place and the ways it affects its occupants by contributing to their personal and cultural self-identity.
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